10th Anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake

Nina and I are now free as birds, with no significant commitments, no set schedules. Today we attended National Memorial Service for the 10th anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake. Nina loves to see NZ’s PM Jacinda Ardern on TV, and today he got to see her in person. He was quite excited about that. It … More 10th Anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake

Good Team

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in New Zealand last night. Last month was our 25th anniversary as a couple. We didn’t have a fancy wedding. We did so many things “backwards.” We wrote impromptu “invitations” on napkins at a soccer game and got married 4 days later. It wasn’t a shotgun wedding (Nina arrived … More Good Team

On The Move Again

After almost 5 months on the South Island of New Zealand, we are back at the airport, waiting to board a flight to Auckland for a week long trip.I’m feeling so nostalgic about being back at the airport, on the move again. We’ve had an amazing year of travel, a real around-the-world journey, a true … More On The Move Again