Kind Souls of the Ultimate (Frisbee) World

This team from Buenos Aires (YouTube link below) sparked Petra’s love for Ultimate. She played with Hammers Ultimate Bs As for only a month back in March of 2019, but even 2 years later, I think of that time with them as her Ultimate baptism. I remember her first practice with them when after an hour of grueling training, she realized that she had another 3 hours left. They regularly had 4 hours of hardcore practices every Sunday and then 2+ hours of conditioning and throws 2x/week during weekdays. At first, she didn’t think she would be able to keep up but then, she DID! She survived the first day and continued with that same intensity ever since. We planned on seeing these guys at World Ultimate Championship in Holland last year, but that obviously didn’t happed. When we were leaving Buenos Aires, Petra got her own Hammers jersey (last photo) that she wore and played in many countries around the world for a year. Unfortunately, this jersey got lost in the Philippines. That was quite sad for Pepi, and she has missed that jersey ever since. Recently, I was able to order a replacement for her that traveled from Colombia to New Zealand. Her reaction to seeing her old/new Hammers jersey(s) was genuine, intense happiness and gratitude. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths with Hammers teammates in the future, in Seattle, Buenos Aires, or anywhere else in the world, but until then, Pepi will proudly be sporting their jerseys wherever she goes.…

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