Christchurch, New Zealand and COVID related Lockdown (Levels 4 & 3)

March 25 – May 13, 2020 When the world stopped, we stopped. The day we were scheduled to travel from Wellington to Christchurch, during the few hours we were on a ferry to the South Island, it was announced that, in 48 hours, the whole country was going into a strict lockdown. Wherever you were … More Christchurch, New Zealand and COVID related Lockdown (Levels 4 & 3)

Kids Going a Bit Crazy

For the past few days/weeks/eternity, all three of our kids have been fighting constantly, relentlessly, and for every possible, trivial reason. They have countless excuses for their bad behaviors, always placing blame on the other, or, often enough, on our (bad) parenting of the guilty/grieving party. This dynamic is depressing and exhausting. I miss my … More Kids Going a Bit Crazy

Poop Attack

This kid had a “poop attack” this morning. As we were getting ready to leave the island of Palawan, he came out of the shower this morning, complaining of terrible stomach pain. Then he laid down a bit and the pain just got worse, he couldn’t straighten up much. I got worried that we were … More Poop Attack

Silly kid

I got up early this morning to catch the sunrise on the beach on our last day in Greece. As I was getting ready to get outside, I hear quiet shuffle of little feet and see Maksim with a huge grin on his face entering our bedroom. I see he is carrying his tablet (which … More Silly kid

Boys Writing Letters

Barcelona, Spain Maki got a letter from his favorite cousin Mason today and was super motivated to write him back. He sat down and wrote a whole page, the whole “hamburger essay”, all by himself. There was a top bun (intro), lots of meat and fixings (juicy content) and a bottom bun (conclusion).It’s messy, there … More Boys Writing Letters