Silly kid

I got up early this morning to catch the sunrise on the beach on our last day in Greece.

As I was getting ready to get outside, I hear quiet shuffle of little feet and see Maksim with a huge grin on his face entering our bedroom. I see he is carrying his tablet (which he doesn’t get to use these days except when traveling on an airplane). Pedja set him up with a movie last night (as a special treat) but didn’t put it away before we went to bed.

Apparently, Maksim spent the whole night watching movies and was beyond excited that he had such an adventurous night staying up all night long, not sleeping a wink.

When I, all shocked to see him awake, asked “Why Maki, why did you stay awake all night?”, he answered sweetly “Mommy, I really needed an adventure. My life has become so bland lately”.

Apparently 2 weeks of beach time where every day looks like another and we only sleep, swim and eat day in and day out are not enough excitement for our adventurous little dude.
(finally asleep at 7am this morning)

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