After 5-Months…

Yesterday was exactly 5 months since we departed for our around-the-world 18-month journey.

We have visited 12 countries, 3 continents, flew on 19 flights (35k miles), slept in 35 different accommodations, driven over 5k miles.

We have made new friends from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, US.

We’ve dealt with foreign hospitals, labs, specialists, dentists and osteopaths and bought months worth of meds, all at a fraction of the cost (10x less) but at the same, if not better, quality as in the US.

We are under budget which is less than our cost of living in Seattle.

We have planned and executed these first months of our trip exceptionally well and have not had a single miss in reservations, dates, unexpected cost.

We’ve had some of the most amazing experiences along the way as well as gained some insights about ourselves not as sunny and cheerful.

We agree that the past 5 months were more intense and busy than we originally imagined it and this will somewhat influence our plans for future planned destinations.

And today, we are starting our 6th month of travel, currently in Greece on a heavenly beach, surrounded by family.
May the rest of our travel be as insightful, enjoyable and smooth as this journey has been so far.

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