Easy to Love Otautahi

As we near the end of our time in Chch, I can’t help but feel deep gratitude for our fortune to spend the last 15 months in such a cute big/small city. This morning, as I was telling my BFF about a great evening I had last night, she said “Your Chch sounds like Gilmore Girls town”. That was spot on!
This is a big enough city that has everything a family might need but small enough and certainly cool enough (artsy) to make you feel like you know “everyone” and there is always something fun (and usually free) to do.

This is my week in review:

– on Monday I ended up in urgent care because of an allergic reaction (double eyelids sort of situation). 2 hr wait and a $75 bill and a quick resolution to my problem. I can’t stop mentioning the stark contrast of our heart-wrenching medical system in the US vs ease and affordability of the same and better service anywhere else in the world.

– We went skiing on Tuesday and it was a fabulous day, less than a 2 hr drive from Chch.

– Wednesday was “bad news from Seattle” sort of a day, hopefully with a happy ending. Still, in the evening, there was a night market at the art museum a few blocks away from our place. The art museum was open to craft stalls, a food truck in front of it, a free entrance, mingling with a couple of friends, a glass of wine, a pulled pork sandwich, and a visit to the exhibits made for a nice evening.

– on Thursday, our friends Jan and Vicki came to visit us from Auckland and we had a lovely day with them, walking around the city and finishing the night with a good dinner and drinks out with another local friend.

– last night, Friday, a full day of running errands with Vicki and Jan but then we went out in the evening. The winter evening was just chilly enough to wear a jacket but warm enough to be completely enjoyable. We walked only a few blocks from our house and came across an outdoor performance, then went through a street bustling with restaurants and bars and ended the night at a gorgeous local theater that was open as a night recycled clothing market (nifty market). What a clever idea to bring the young population to a theater (for only a $2 gold coin donation), and pull together local thrift shops to offer a fun assortment of shoes and clothing on the stage of this century-old theater. This would be equivalent of Paramount theater in Seattle having a night of “thrift market” shopping on their beautiful stage! While we were there, a dear friend sent me a text offering tickets to some poetry session the next day. Even though I won’t be able to use the tickets, the offer was lovely and again, made me feel like I’m living the life of Gilmore Girls (btw, my daughter and I loved that show).

Today on the agenda, are the most adorable farmers market, Italian cooking class, and a dear friend’s bday celebration. So how can I not be sad about leaving this lovely place????

I love this town!!!! I love seeing familiar faces wherever we go!!!

So many dear new friends, interesting new places, and a society built on supporting greater social good vs putting the individual or corporate interests first. Our months in Christchurch, aka Otautahi, will stay in my heart as the most peaceful and deeply gratified time of my life. Oh btw, I never told you that our fabulous daughter got selected for New Zealand’s ultimate frisbee National Training Squad U20 (the U20 national team that competes in international competitions and World Championship that’s planned to be in the Dominic Republic next summer)!!! She will not be able to play there for NZ after all but still, she made the National Training Squad and left for their first training camp in Auckland last night. Can’t be more proud of her and the young woman she is growing up to be! ❤️

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