Homeschooling in Uruguay

April 4, 2019

This happened today!!!!

They are bickering 95% of the time but those other 5% are just pure bliss. Nina is making more (successful) attempts to play with Maksim but his play is always the same (same patterns, words, process), a lot of times not timed well and it’s always way too loud. Still, there are so many more moments of pure goodness on this trip, a lot more than we saw at home.
Here is Maksim inspiring Nina to get out of the bed this evening to write a few words himself. He asked me to get him his own notebook and was spelling words from the Back to the Future movie we watched earlier this afternoon. Then when he was done, he just sat behind Maksim (on the same chair) and Maki didn’t automatically attempt to hit him as he usually does. Instead, he leaned back and kissed him a few times. Pure bliss!

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