Not Much Time for Reflections

Montevideo, Uruguay
April 5, 2019

I find myself overwhelmed with all the different aspects of our travel experience that are hard to put in words. Logistcs are ok, we are well organized and have been transitioning smoothly.

What’s hard for me is processing all that we are experiencing.
I do not have enough mental bandwidth to ‘just be’ in a new place, absorb its “newness’, feel my way through all that I’m seeing, and still do all day-to-day things that fill up a day:
1 – food (darn food, it takes so much time – think about food, buy food, make food, feed the kids (unfortunately multiple times per day)),
2 – possibly do a tiny bit of school stuff,
3 – manage things at home,
4 – check in with folks around the world,
5 – and then finally sightseeing that almost comes as an afterthought to all the basic day-to-day things and it usually looks like this – walk/entice/walk /threaten/walk/”peacemake”/walk/bicker/walk/find water/finally see something/walk feed someone/walk………….

I know that I am not made to be a travel blogger. I just don’t have it in me to do all of this and adequately record all that I would like to record – my observations, feelings, events, photos. Oh, and Pedja, he is taking way too many photos . Between 3 phones and 2 cameras, there are too many photos, they are all over the place and they are overwhelming me. Not a single shot is a ‘nice travel shot’. They are all raw, totally amateurish, not right color/light/compositions/whatever. They are just us and they are perfect as they are 😉 And yeah, there are almost no photos of Pedja for the first month of our trip. That’s my fault.

I’m telling you, my ADHD brain is overwhelmed.

I keep thinking there is just way too much that I cannot put in these posts. Will all my words really paint the picture of our time in these fabulous places? The answer is “Definitely not.” None of this will come even close to the AWESOMENESS of this experience. We are not even scratching the surface of all that we would like to see and do in these places. I am now much better judge of travel blogs. I remember reading a few posts about Buenos Aires while we were in the planning stages of our trip. Now I think ‘Wow, those were nothing, quite superficial’. Even watching Antnony Bordain’s and Please Feed Phil’s episodes about BsAs – seeing these shows before arriving to Buenos Aires and now after we’ve left it are two completely different experiences. I couldn’t make the kids watch these shows before we left Seattle while they were truly eager to see them after we left Argentina behind. I guess watching these shows now feels familiar, seeing places they know, places we’ll miss, places with great memories.
That’s the type of testiment to this experience that I cannot capture in words .

What I’m experiencing now is the classic ‘more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know’.

My posts about places we are seeing will be quite random, all over the place, they will not paint you a picture of a place. They will probably also contain half-truths. They will be recordings of events seen only through my eyes and limited by my interest and knowledge of places/background/history/etc.

Has our fist month in Argentina and fabulous BsAs been all just peaches and cream? Of course not. I’ll write about that too.

But overall, we are so incredibly blessed that we can do this and that our first stop in Argentina was as awesome as it was. Buenos Aires stole our hearts and I’ll tell you more about it as soon as I get a bit more sleep.

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