Poop Attack

This kid had a “poop attack” this morning.

As we were getting ready to leave the island of Palawan, he came out of the shower this morning, complaining of terrible stomach pain. Then he laid down a bit and the pain just got worse, he couldn’t straighten up much. I got worried that we were about to get on an airplane and travel for 15 hours and he didn’t look well.
I decided to take him to the ER at a local hospital as he was having a hard time walking, constantly complaining of stomach pain.

Long story short, after an ER doc exam, urine test (for suspected UTI), blood test, surgeon checked him for hernia and X-ray, it was determined that he just had a bad case of constipation (common for travelers).

I didn’t even think of it since he is one kid that never has issues with constipation. If it was Nina or Pepa, I might have connected the dots but not with him. Thankful that this little scare wasn’t anything more than constipation. As soon as the little guy got some poop freed up, he was back to his old self, full of energy, making friends with the nursing staff and docs.

All in all, one more exceptional healthcare experience outside of the US, on an island of Philippines.
Incredibly efficient service with two hours in ER, urine test, blood test, X-ray and examinations by ER doc and surgeon = $58.98.

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