Leaving Philippines, heading to Sydney, Australia

After 3.5 months in SE Asia, we are on the move again, leaving Philippines today and heading to Sydney, Australia. We were suppose to go to Hong Kong for a week first but our flights got canceled due to the corona virus, so we are now heading to Australia earlier than originally planned.

It was an eventful day today starting with Maksim’s stint in the ER this morning and then getting to the airport in Puerto Princesa just to realize that we didn’t get electronic travel authorizations (ETAs) to enter Australia.

Once again (after that incident with the wrong passport number for Vietnam visa), Pedja and I rushed to apply for these authorizations from the airport gate and thankfully received them before we boarded the flight to Manila.

Now, 15 hrs of travel is ahead of us but then we will be rewarded with our own kitchen, fresh foods and a bit of western comfort that we’ve missed over the past 3.5 months. SE Asia has been great to us, we have loved this part of the world but are ready for a change, especially in light of the current issues with the corona virus.

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