Homeschooling – Learning Cursive

I usually complain about doing schoolwork with Maki but in all honesty, he is doing much better than I make it sound.

He has finished tons of math, I didn’t even realize how much material we’ve gone through. It will be interesting to see how (or what) he does when he gets back to the classroom. The good thing is he’ll be going back to a combined 4th/5th grade classroom so he’ll be able to continue at his own pace, whatever that is.

He is also touch typing 15-20wpm and is currently working on learning to write cursive.

We keep ignoring writing more than I would like to admit, not a strong skill for either of us.

He is a great reader but his interest is limited to certain books/themes.

If we could just get to a better working dynamic, then we would be all good.

This “dynamic duo” is past grade 3 and is plowing through grade 4.

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