Quick Update

Latest quick updates:
– I am 3 posts behind (Hoi An and Hanoi, Vietnam and El Nido, Palawan, Philippines). I don’t feel like writing, Sydney is way too much fun and I can’t seem to switch back to writing mode for now.

– The boys are completely off the electronics and that means they are dependent on us keeping them occupied 24/7. We’ve already made efforts to reduce Maki’s use of a tablet to only travel days. Over the years, we’ve allowed Nina to have access to his iPad at all times and we justified it with seeing it as his window into the world. However, we are now trying out a complete detox for both boys and it seems promising. In lieu of individual electronics, we now get to watch one family movie together to get some well deserved down time.

– We are spending a chunk of our days making plans for further locations. Some places require accommodations to be made way in advance (3 weeks, 2 months, 4 months ahead of time).

– It’s nice to be back in the western world. We are truly enjoying simple pleasures of our day-to-day routine in an apartment, in a nice part of town, cooking all of our meals, working on school stuff, going out daily for long urban walks. We’ve visited most of the tourist sites in Sydney, Maki and I have gone to see the latest Sonic movie, we saw an opera, had a couple of adult-only dates, Petra played Ultimate, we spent time with some old friends, done a bit of thrift stores shopping, and covered plenty of schoolwork.

It’s all good on our end right now. We will be in Sydney for another week and then will start our slow journey up the coast to Brisbane. We are in Australia until mid-March and hopefully I’ll get those 3 posts written and posted by then.


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