Good Team

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in New Zealand last night. Last month was our 25th anniversary as a couple. We didn’t have a fancy wedding. We did so many things “backwards.” We wrote impromptu “invitations” on napkins at a soccer game and got married 4 days later. It wasn’t a shotgun wedding (Nina arrived a couple of years later), but I was “the girl with the good papers” (green card). We still joke about Pedja marrying me for a green card. Even all these years later, and supposedly a tiny bit wiser, we would probably do the wedding part in the same impromptu fashion. We’ve never been the ones to stand on formalities. Here we are, 20yrs later, we crossed the globe together with 3 spirited kids. There have been tons of “ups and downs and all arounds” in the past 20 (25) years. We make a good team. ❤️

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