Christmas on the Road

Hanoi, Vietnam

Even though Christmas celebrations are over for many, we are just starting to get ready for ours.

We arrived to Hanoi and are staying in the most beautiful home of our incredibly generous hosts Ana and Simon while they are celebrating their holidays in their home country.
Today, we even got to put up our own (their) Christmas tree for “Serbian” (Orthodox) Christmas that’s coming up on January 7th.
This is our first real home-away-from-home in the past 10 months where we can cook our own meals in a fully equipped kitchen.
The excitement is real!
We plan to bake Xmas cookies and have a long list of specialties we plan to prepare while here. This privilege is even more precious and well timed since we ate out almost every meal for the past 2 months (and that got old pretty quickly).

Petra is the most excited to stay in this beautiful place and has already proclaimed that Vietnam has a great vibe. Happy teenager makes life easier for the rest of us.

I, on the other hand, am excited to get my hair done tomorrow that will hopefully help me move a tiny bit closer to restoring the health of my over-processed hair. Travel is hard on vanity 😉
All in all, Hanoi is turning out to be wonderful right off the bat, and that’s mostly due to our Ana that deserves all the praise for making us feel so welcome and comfortable in her gorgeous home.

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