Leaving Serbia, heading to Thailand

We are moving on, continuing our West to East journey around the world. We left Serbia right before midnight last night and we are now on a layover in Russia on our way to Thailand for a month and then on to a few more SE Asian countries. It’s 4am now and everyone is exhausted. We still have another couple of hours of waiting in Moscow, plus 9+ hrs flight to Bangkok, overnight stay there and then another morning flight to Chiang Mai.

In contrast to our first six months of travel for which we planned extensively and had at least half of our reservations done in advance, for the next part of our journey, we are way less organized. Although our main path is somewhat outlined and we know in which country we want to be each month, no reservations or exact timing have been determined. For now, we only have accommodations for the next seven days.

It’s not that we got all chill all of a sudden. Both Pedja and I commented right before we left Serbia that this is not our preferred way of travel. Lack of planning has its price -you pay either in time, money or sanity. There are 5 of us (not just 2 adults) and that’s where it gets trickier. We’ll be scrambling this week to catch up on planning to make up for all those lazy family days we had in Serbia.

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