Belgrade, Novi Sad & Sabac, Serbia

October 4 – November 5, 2019

We spent more time in Serbia this year than ever before, staying in Sabac with Pedja’s parents, in Belgrade with his aunt and uncle and in Novi Sad visiting both sides of our families. There were too many great events to count. We had several family celebrations, a couple of birthdays and one impressively successful dental school graduation.

I ended up doing over dozen sessions of physical therapy in an effort to eliminate the pain in my left hip (leg). These therapies were in Belgrade so we spent a lot of more our time there than we usually do. Petra fell in love with the city since she ended up getting to know it better, roaming around on her own every day of my therapy. Nina loved staying with the grandparents in Sabac while we were in Belgrade for days at the time. He came once with grandpa, only for a day. Before he left Sabac, he told grandma not to change his bed sheets because he was “not going to stay in Belgrade long”, he was going to “return right back the next day”.

We celebrated Pedja’s uncle Djuro’s 64th birthday and Nikola’s 16th birthday – special treat for all of us since we have never had the opportunity to celebrate these particular birthdays together.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the family, never knowing what life can throw our way while we are apart. At least, this time, we knew we were coming back soon, just short 6 months later.

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