Barcelona, Spain (Part 3)

June 28, 2019 – July 9, 2019

Coming back to Barcelona for another 11 days felt a bit like coming home. This time around, we stayed a couple of blocks away from our first apartment, we knew our way around, it really did feel lovely, familiar and comfortable. We truly enjoy Barcelona. There is nothing to not love about it when you don’t have to make a living there. If you are there just for fun, the city is fabulous. We went to the beach every single day, we walked everywhere, had great food, Maksim finished 1st half of 3rd grade math, Petra continued to move in and out of her funk.

Petra, Maksim and I went to see an Irish dance group performance at Teatro Barcelona. I was fortunate to meet a new friend while in Barceona, actually a friend of a friend that instantly felt as she has been in my life forever.

For the last 3 days of our stay in Barcelona, I took a quick detour to Serbia to take Nina to stay with Pedja’s parents while the rest of us headed for South Africa. When I first started planning our time in South Africa, I was worried about Nina’s ability to keep quiet when told (for Safari drives) or his ability to recognize danger if we were ever in a questionable situation. Pedja’s parents were happy to have him stay with them for 3 weeks while we ventured to South Africa on our own. It turned out to be the best choice for all of us – we got a break from him and he got pampered by everyeone.

I’ve stretched the last 8 posts about our drive through Spain and Portugal for so long that if feels like it was longer and more grueling than it was. Even though, there were many tough and lonely days on this road trip, overall there were far more good aspects of the trip that we would repeat them all in a heartbeat.

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