Summary of a Month of Road Tripping through Spain and Portugal

We are on our way back to Barcelona today for another 11 days. It feels nice and familiar to come back to the city we really like where we’ve already spent 3 weeks last month.
We spent the last 30 days (May 30 – June 28, 2019) driving around Spain and Portugal. We stayed in 9 different locations and drove over 2,350 miles.
We have had some great moments along the way and some rough ones.

We have learned that:
– we are good at packing/transferring/resetting
– staying any place for only 2 nights is not really worth it with 3 kids – too much time spent on moving between places and logistics. 4 nights is on, 6+ preferred.
– Spain is absolutely beautiful in any direction you turn, great roads and overall infrastructure, it’s obvious where their tax money goes.
– To our great surprise, we learned that Portuguese sounds like a Slavic language
– We preferred Spain over Portugal even though many folks would rank them in reverse order.

I haven’t had the time or energy to post regular reports along the way but plan on doing them in chunks over the next few days.
Stay tuned! Happy Friday everyone.

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