Malaga, Spain

June 6 – Jun 10, 2019

Torremolinos (Malaga), Spain – 4 nights

From Cartagena, we drove through Granada and Malaga to the beach town called Torremolinos.
We were all smiles during these 4 days there.
Our friends from Holland, Henry and Kiki, hopped down for a quick visit and I think it’s quite obvious how happy they made us, especially Petra. She was all smiles having Kiki there.

Many years ago, when Petra was asked by someone who Sandersons are to us, she explained it by saying ‘They are sort “cousinish” to us, kinda like cousins but we are not a real family’.
This time around, we missed seeing the rest of the Sanderson’s clan, Wendy, Maaren and Jasper, but plan to see them all again later in the fall.

During our stay in Torremolinos, we enjoyed the beach, played cards, ate good food, played some frisbee, but overall, just chillaxed. We ended up going up to Malaga for a lovely evening. Nina and I found a store where he could get some Pokemon cards and he got to see Pokemon enthusiasts play those cards. He was really interested in seeing everyone’s cards and those ‘kids’ was really nice to him.

He also ended up getting a fever that evening and freaked me out a bit with his unusual behavior that looked like he was either going to pass out or have a seizure. Petra and Kiki found a pharmacy and got him some meds and he perked up shortly afterwards.

Torremolinos was not my type of a vacation town – millions of accommodations along a huge beach, 10+ story hotels, beach bars, and all that tens of kilometers long. I expected more from this coast and was a bit disappointed. I guess the beaches that I expected are in Costa Brava, north of Barcelona.

All in all, we didn’t care about anything more during these 4 days but having Henry and Kiki with us. They made the whole month of June exceptional for us.

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