Leaving Cullera, heading to Malaga, Spain

You know those Microsoft Windows desktop photos of gorgeous places around the world? Pedja tagged one of those photos a couple of yrs ago as a bucket list item for him to see “some day”. That “some day” just happened as we spent 4 days in Cullera, Spain, and visited nearby Valencia while there. We are spending this month driving around Spain and Portugal, going clockwise from Barcelona down through Valencia, Cartagena, via Grenada to Malaga, and so on.

And btw, on the topic of traveling light, we thought we were doing well packing in our carryon luggage and personal backpacks. After traveling with all of this stuff for 3 months, we are all ready to leave half of it behind. It really is not necessary to have this much. Good thing to keep in mind whenever you think you really “need” something; we are all weighed down by too many things.

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