Fez, Morocco (Part 2)

May 28 – 30, 2019

Here is the last set of photos from Fez when we got to be typical tourists. For the last 2 nights, we stayed in a cute hostel called Dar El Mathaf, occupying 2 rooms, both with private bathrooms, located in the perfect part of Medina, close to everything.
This is a fantastic place staffed with kind and super helpful young ladies. We highly recommend it.

Nina was so happy when he heard that we were moving to our new place that he picked up his backpack and his bag the moment Pedja and I said that we found a new place. We all laughed seeing him coming down his ladder, carrying both bags while still wearing only underwear, with a huge grin on his face repeating “I’m ready, I’m packed, we are moving!”. He was ready to go!

Maki got a haircut by a local barber and he thought it was the best haircut ever. He is sure he is super good looking now.
The girls went to Hammam for a good body scrubs and massages (even though I got to say that the scrubs we get at the Olympus Spa in Seattle are better).

We all walked through a beautiful garden full of university students studying for exams. It was interesting for Petra to see so many young people intently focused on their studies, all in one place.

As we were packing to leave the last day, Maksim was jumping out of his skin, getting in everyone’s way (and on everyone’s nerves) so I ordered him to go sit at the table and write about his experience in Morocco. He usually does the minimum he is asked when it comes to school work and that’s exactly how much he did this time too. He is funny and cute, but he is driving me bananas every single day.

I am happy we got to experience Fez from the colorful end too. These last 2 days were more of what I expected from this trip but I’m definitely grateful we got a lot more than we bargained for. There is a lot behind the curtain of any place we get to see as tourists.

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