Cusco, Peru

April 11 – 14, 2019

We spent 3 nights in Cusco where we did some school work, lounged around a lot and ate some good food. We spent considerable amount of time in the town square where people watching was our main activity. Nina chased some pigeons, Maksim learned to do a good cartwheel and Petra picked on both of them.

Kids and I also did a morning worth of school work at a local Starbucks. We thought about taking some cooking classes but decided against it in favor of people watching on the square. We spent some time in Cusco’s fresh fruit market where Petra was on a hunt for various dried fruits while the rest of us got some freshly squeezed juices.

Out time in Cusco was a typical tourist experience, appropriate for this leg of our journey. I’m glad I’ve planned it as the last portion of our time in Peru because by then, we’ve seen what we wanted to see and could just relax for a couple of days, enjoying the slower pace.

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