Leaving Australia, heading to Auckland, New Zealand

The world is dealing with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Social isolation is becoming the new reality for many, all around the globe. Seattle, our hometown, is the epicenter of it in the US.

We’ve been in Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia for the past week. Social activities have not yet been restricted here. Petra even played Ultimate last night with the local University students.

Still, this virus is everywhere and even with taking all the recommended precautions (short of self-imposed strict quarantine), the chances are that most of us will get it at some point. I just saw a post from Tom Hanks and his wife Rita that they are currently in Gold Coast, Australia and they both tested positive for coronavirus (and are now in isolation). This virus does not discriminate, it’s just a question who will be effected by it, when and how hard.

All that said, we gotta move on now. We are scheduled to fly out to New Zealand this evening (hopefully it will still happen). I would think it’s the safest place on earth right now. I’m not really worried about us, maybe Nina a bit (fingers crossed, he will be just fine).

We have plenty of family members and friends that are more vulnerable than we are. I worry about them.

Stay safe everyone. For me, this is the time for mindful living, staying in the present, one day at the time.

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