Left Chiang Mai for Bangkok and Feeling Nostalgic

We’ve been in Thailand for only 3 weeks now, all this time spent in its northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s mountains region.
We moved to Bangkok yesterday and my first impression is that it’s fantastic, so much to do and see here. We’ll spend 8 days in Bangkok before we head south to the beaches of Thailand.
Still, I’m seriously missing Chiang Mai now, we all loved it there, especially Petra. We have some fantastic experiences, stories and pictures to share from Chiang Mai. I’ll get to it as soon as I finish leftover reports from the Balkans.

Today, I’m missing Chiang Mai!!! Actually, I’m probably just missing friends at home in Seattle.

My mind and heart are there for the past couple of days. I wish I could be there at least for a bit. Traveling is all the best you can imagine, and way more – it’s magical. And Thailand has been more than amazing so far.

But traveling can also be lonely at times.

I’m missing family and friends in Seattle and I’m a bit sad I’m not there right now (at least for Thanksgiving).
I guess it’s true that the absence makes the heart grow fonder. Thinking of you all our beautiful people at home!
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to all of you on the other side of this screen!

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