Haircare Suffers While Traveling

You know what I didn’t think much of at home but it’s a bit of a hassle while traveling?


Having my hair colored every couple of months in different locations, by different people, in completely different climates – total hit and miss!!!
I’ve lost half of my hair (I swear, no exaggeration) while in Africa, not sure if it was because of a bad color job in Barcelona or something environmental. Petra actually got all worried about my overall health while in Africa because of the consistent hair loss for several weeks straight. It was as bad as it gets after pregnancies.
You definitely sacrifice some aspects of self-care while traveling. I’m (& my hair is) missing my Ashley!!!

Same goes for Petra, she feels like she hasn’t gotten a good haircut since we left Seattle.

Ashley also cut Nina’s hair for the past 10 years and now Pedja and I have to do it. There is no way he lets anyone else touch his head, no matter the incentives. I tried to have someone attempt to cut it in Ecuador (even just a straight buzzcut) and it was a disaster – had to abandon the whole project midstream and I finished it myself, taking the matter (clippers) in my own hands, literally! Often enough now, when Pedja and I get to do it, the whole procedure looks like a screaming match at a gymnastic tournament and Nina ends up with an uneven haircut with an occasional hole here and there (mostly in the back).

Maki got several haircuts along the way and he is usually ok, even though we often let him be for way too long and then he ends up looking like he has a mop on his head.

Thankfully, Pedja is his own barber, creates no hassle and is the most consistent with his looks.

Haircare is just one little aspect of everyday life that’s missed when there is no regular routine.
Not complaining, just noting!

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