Tivat, Montenegro

September 18-20, 2019

Teta Vojislavka and Sretena babied me like a kid, taking such great care of Maksim and me. I thought we would stay there for only 2-3 days but Maksim and I extended our stay for that much longer. I now wish I didn’t rush back and postponed our return to Bosnia for another week. Spending time with teta Vojislavka, Snezana’s aunt from Croatia and Sretena was like being in Sipovo with my family. Snezana’s mom had the same vibe as my grandma and even her smile reminded me of her. My dearest teta Zora used to radiate with same warm energy. Sretena, Snezana’s other half, she smiles like Snezana, she talks like her, she is this super smart and successful civil engineer, succeeding in male dominated field (and country). These sisters are destined for big things, both shining bright in their own environments.

Maksim and I truly loved being in Montenegro, recharging our batteries. The day we left, the rain was coming down sideways, I actually cried while driving, constantly battling this feeling of sadness due to leaving dear people behind. We’ll be back to Montenegro again, we’ll see Snezana’s family again but those few days Maksim and I spent there alone will stay in my heart as the most special time with the most special people that now count as our family too.

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