Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina

September 16-18, 2019

After our time with family in Sipovo, our plan was to drive south to Trebinje to meet up with our dear friends from Seattle, Steve and Dianne. Along the way, we stopped to have lunch with my friend from high school Dajana but we talked so much that we forgot to take a photo to memorialize our time together.

We also stopped by a local natural attraction, Kravice waterfalls, where we got to enter for free probably because Nina struck up a conversation with the folks at the ticket office and they must have liked him enough to just wave us through without paying.

In Trebinje, we stayed in Hostel Polako that our friends, Lauren and Bartek established 5 years ago. Our kids love staying in this hostel. Maki even made a friend (in his late 20s) from Argentina, as he played video games with him.

Lauren is Steve’s niece and we have known her since she was a teenager. She was one of those wunderkids that finished University and Master’s degrees at some super early age and then worked for a bit to save up so she could travel the world on her own. During her travels, she met Bartek and the rest was history. Now they are living in Trebinje, and having a better quality of life than most people I know.

Lauren’s dad (and Steve’s brother) Tony and his wife Valerie were also visiting Lauren at the same time as us and we finally got to meet them after hearing about Tony for the past 20 years. I even scored Tony’s Texas Vintage Racing cap he was wearing as he is the president and one of the founding members of that club. THANK YOU TONY!

During this same visit, Bartek’s parents were there too so we had a real party for a couple of days. It was a great treat to see them all at once, especially Steve and Diane who we are used to seeing back at home at a couple of times a month. Once again, we ate too much, we drank enough and we had the best time with this wild group..

We love Trebinje and Hostel Polako and highly recommend them to any traveler that passes through this part of the world.

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