Bilbao, Spain

June 23 – June 26, 2019

Bilbao (Salamanca), Spain – 3 nights

Bilbao, what a pleasant surprise! We loved Bilbao! We loved everything about Bilbao!

Great vibe, food and wine! The city is surrounded by rolling green hills, full of parks and plazas, tree-lined paths, beautiful riverside promenades.
June is the perfect time to visit Spain because everything is in bloom and temperatures are just perfect.

Oversized flower puppy statue that’s guarding the doors of Guggenheim museum was in full bloom. Every park was perfectly manicured, even the grass under the trolley path.

Wine and tapas were super affordable – less than $2/glass of wine and full dinner worth of tapas (for 2) for less than $20. Pedja and I went out on several dates in Bilbao.

Petra, Maksim and I went on a 14km hike on the surrounding hills, rewarded by the sweeping views of the city.

We’ll remember Bilbao as a special gem on our tour through Spain and Portugal. It was especially rewarding for us adults, as it catered most to our senses – beautiful sights, tasty food and cheap great wine on every corner.

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