ALWAYS SAY NO to Automatic Coversation Rate Offered by Foreign ATMs

This should be a well known fact but just in case you didn’t know it, don’t EVER agree to an automatic conversation rate when you take cash out of foreign ATMs or pay with CC while in foreign countries.

You usually have a choice if you want the charge to be in a local currency or US$.


I’m dismayed by how many folks get scammed by this little trick.

For example, just this morning, I took out 250 euros in cash and was offered to have it immediately converted by the ATM machine and agree that it would be $319.
I, of course, declined it and later on saw that my bank converted this charge to $286. HUGE difference between $286 and $319 ($33 to be exact)!!!

This conversion offer (I would call it a systematic scam) is consistent across the world so don’t ever have an ATM or any CC charge be converted on the spot.
Let your US bank do direct conversion later on.

You’re welcome!

P.S. And bank with a local credit union since they will usually refund back all the foreign transaction and ATM fees you pay anywhere around the world.

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