Countryside and Sahara, Morocco

May 26 – 27, 2019

Let us take you on a 270 miles/440 km journey from Fez, across the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert. This is a collection of random photos of the landscape Pedja snapped as he was sitting in the front seat of our spacious van driven by a tour driver. His intent was to capture the vast differences in geography that we observed in just a few hours of driving. It reminded us a bit of Washington state where you can go from Seattle’s waterfront, over the mountains, to flat farmland to canyons and deserts all the way to Spokane. This was a comparable drive in distance but not in quality of roads and speed. This journey took us 9hr one way (7hr of straight driving) with several stops along the way.

This journey was polar opposite of our first days in Fez in every way. Everyone was relaxed, we saw beautiful scenery all around us, our driver was a sweet, kind guy, we were blown away by the glamping accommodations we got to in the desert, great food, good entertainment, overall a great side trip.

Pedja was the first one to admit that the drive was not bad at all because of the many stops we made along the way. We highly recommend this side trip for any travelers coming to Morocco. The price of such a trip is highly negotiable. Ping me for details if you ever need them.

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