Barcelona, Spain (Part 2)

May 19 – 23, 2019

The highlight of our last few days in Barcelona was having a few visitors.

Baba Mila and deda Heinz came from Denmark to spend some time with us in Barcelona. It was their first time there, so we planned to do a few touristy things typical for this short of a visit. We ended up going to Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s Casa Mila, Gothic Quarters, Plaza Espana and up to the National Museum of Catalunya, Cosmo Caixa science museum, etc. We were also lucky to be able to meet up with my cousin’s son Aco who lives in Bosnia but was on a school trip traveling through Barcelona and had an hour free for us to meet for tapas and drinks. Then, on the day we were leaving for Morocco, we got to spend some time with my dear Sanja from Seattle who is on her own Refresh journey through Europe. These quick visits were a big reminder of how much we have missed close interactions with our dear friends and family back home. Traveling is beyond amazing, but it can be somewhat lonely at times.

During those last few days in Barcelona, we also dealt with several mishaps. All mishaps supposedly come in 3s and that’s how it was for us too.

First Pedja pulled a muscle in his back the day before baba and deda arrived by stepping wrong while he was running around a sandy beach with Maksim. He was hurting for most of the time while baba and deda were with us but that didn’t stop him from covering lots of distance walking around town from one tourist location to another.

Second, baba Mila also hurt her back by playing at the beach with Maksim. She slipped on sand and ran into a wall (the one that Maki climbed up) and fell backwards flat to the ground, twisting her back in the process. I was worried she wouldn’t be able to walk the next day, but luckily, she is one tough cookie and her injury did not prevent us from leaving for Morocco the next day,

Then, in the morning, just a few hours before we were to leave our apartment to head to the airport for Morocco, Baba Mila ended up having a serious dental emergency that yet again put us in a bit of a panic mode. I was trying to figure out how to solve her issue on a short notice and still make a flight out to Fez but it turned out better than it initially looked and we made our flight on time.

All is well that ends well and our overall time together in Barcelona was fun and memorable.

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