Hip Pain

Barcelona, Spain

Terrible, pretty debilitating, most annoying, constant, hair pulling type of a hip pain has been bugging me since January. It’s actually caused by an old CrossFit injury 4 yrs ago. I’ve done all sorts of things to make it better – rest, PT, osteopath, steroid shots, PRP, etc. Left hip got worse after all these attempts to make it better (and that was my better side). I even wonder if it’s possible that the steroid shots injured some nerve or something. I’m at loss here. Whatever it is, now I can hardly walk.

I’ve walked in pain every step I made in the past 2.5 months. I feel like my body is 80yrs old. I don’t know what else to do about this. It’s so depressing to feel constant pain. I keep pushing myself through it, doing things despite it, but it sucks.
Waking up at 3am, emailing my doc in Seattle, almost crying on the phone with my dearest people in that time zone. Before I realized it, the sun has come out and my hope that I’ll find some sort of a solution for this pain is a bit stronger. Why are nights so bleek and tough (especially with reading all the horrible current news from the US)?

If anyone happens to know a good hip doc anywhere in Spain, please let me know. I’m slowly going mad here with this constant pain.

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